Dual use of space
Dual use of space 2 min. reading time

Parking and renewable energy generation

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In addition to field solar parks, solar parks on a landfill and solar parks on water, Novar has also researched parking lots covered with solar panels: solar carports. A wonderful example of multiple site use: parking and sustainable energy generation on the same surface. Want to know how you can turn a parking lot into a sustainable power plant? We tell you what to look out for and the advantages.

Advantages solar panels parking lot

Solar carports offer several advantages, including a positive contribution to the corporate image through a sustainable appearance. In addition, it creates the possibility of sustainable energy management by purchasing locally generated, green electricity. For users, the carport offers its advantages, such as the possibility of charging an electric car. In addition, the car is clean, dry, covered and in the shade. As an owner or site manager, you generate income from the operation of the solar park and your land gets a dual use, increasing its value.

Construction & energy yield

A solar farm in a field arrangement differs from a solar carport. On an empty piece of grassland, the developer has more freedom in building the ideal construction for optimal light incidence on the panels. In an existing parking lot, the location of the parking spaces, driving lanes and lampposts is the starting point for the solar construction of the solar parking lot. The substructure of a solar carport is more expensive than that of a solar park in a field arrangement. Furthermore, the substructure affects the design and cost of the structure.

A common concern of site managers: do we lose parking spaces if we build solar carports? The answer is that this need not be the case and depends on the substructure chosen. Simply put: if the poles are cleverly placed, it does not come at the expense of parking space. Thorough preliminary studies and a well thought out business case are essential for designing the optimal construction for the parking lot and achieving the maximum achievable energy yield.

Interested in large-scale solar carports for the parking lot in your community or next to your business? Get in touch with us!

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Dual use of space 2 min. reading time
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