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Webinar collaboration energy cooperatives

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How can we work with residents, municipalities and developers to create solar farms that are welcoming? So that we can meet the climate goals in 2030. In which residents have a say in the realization and management? Participation can be done in many ways and is different for each park. In this webinar, Novar talks with the Eekerpolder energy cooperative. How exactly does it work: participation in a solar farm?

Webinar collaboration energy cooperatives

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Speaking are:

Jaap Keuning

Jaap Keuning is spokesman for the Groninger Energiecoöperatie Eekerpolder. And will tell about his experiences. Jaap will tell about his considerations and choices: he succeeded in making his fellow villagers co-owners of the solar park.

Lylian Dwarkasing and Menno van Bremen

Lylian Dwarkasing and Menno van Bremen are both project managers at Novar and have seen many collaborations with energy cooperatives up close. Their aim is to share knowledge and experiences based on openness and transparency in order to establish equal cooperation. Everything to accelerate the energy transition.

André van der Zee

The discussion will be led in the right direction by André van der Zee, a centipede and moderator. His work revolves around socially relevant questions. The four of them will ensure that you leave the webinar with eight practical tips and stories from your experience.

For your information:

Solarfields has been called Novar since April 18, 2023. After all, it's time for new energy. Do you want to know exactly what Novar means and what the changes are? Then quickly read the article Time for Novar.

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