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Investing in solar energy projects

Investing in solar energy projects

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Everyone has heard about it, the Netherlands' climate goals. In 2019, 8.7% of all energy used came from renewable sources. By 2030, the goal is to reach 27%. Then, by 2050, the energy supply must be almost entirely sustainable. In order to combat climate change, the transition to sustainable energy supply is of great importance. In addition, the availability of fossil fuels is decreasing and thus the dependence on energy suppliers is increasing. It is therefore important to look at other options. Investing in solar energy projects is one of these possibilities.

Investing in solar energy for a sustainable future

If you want to contribute to a sustainable future, it is good to look at your own carbon footprint. Of course, this can be done in many ways, such as: reducing waste production, paying attention to food consumption, wasting water, sustainable transportation, etc. But a very important one is to look at our energy consumption. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to climate change is the fossil fuel we use to generate energy. By investing in solar energy projects, you can help generate clean energy and reduce CO2.

Cleaner environment and good for your wallet

Besides being very important in contributing to a sustainable future, solar energy is also good for your wallet. By investing in solar energy projects, you will benefit monthly from the energy generated. This will be deducted from your energy bill or you will receive a monthly payment from this.

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"Investing in renewable energy: good for your wallet and the environment."
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Solar energy project opportunities

There are several options for investing in solar energy projects. Below we list some of the possible solar energy projects and who can contribute to them.

Solar Farm

There are now more than a hundred solar parks in the Netherlands and hundreds more will be added in the coming years. Do you have a large piece of land (at least 10 hectares) and currently have no use for it? Then installing a solar farm is a good option. If you want to start your own solar farm project, we can help. We can do this by co-investing, advising on applying for subsidies, helping with construction and managing the solar park. We are open to various collaborations!

Read more about starting a solar farm

Rent or sell your land

You own land and are thinking about a solar farm? Then there are two options, rent out your land or sell it. If you rent out your land, you benefit from a nice, guaranteed monthly yield from the solar panels. In that case, you do not have to invest in the solar panels yourself, but only make your land available. We take care of the rest. Selling your land is also an option. Selling has the advantage that you have immediate access to the (future) income from the solar farm. 

Solar roof on your business

Many roofs of businesses and properties are still unused. What a shame! For large-scale conversion to renewable energy, it is very efficient to realize large-scale solar roofs. Perfect when you don't have at least 10 hectares of land, but you do have a warehouse, warehouse, industrial building or agricultural business, for example. At Novar we can realize solar roofs from 3000 m2. Even with a solar roof, you can choose to start and realize this project yourself. Naturally, we can help with this and it is also possible for us to take the entire process off your hands. 

Read more about realizing a solar roof

Return on investment in solar energy projects

Good returns can be achieved with an investment in solar energy projects. It is not uncommon to achieve a 240 percent return (combined with an SDE+ subsidy) over a 15-year period. 

On average, the investment of a large-scale solar panel installation pays for itself in about six to eight years. And even after that, the installation will provide money for years to come. 

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A large-scale installation can pay for itself in as little as six years.
Novar Novar

Grant for solar energy projects

In the Netherlands, for large-scale projects, we have several subsidies for generating renewable energy. When we talk about solar energy projects, this is the SDE subsidy. Previously there was the SDE + subsidy, currently this is the SDE ++ subsidy which no longer focuses solely on the production of renewable energy, but on reducing CO2 emissions. The subsidy can be applied for at the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO).

Applying for SDE subsidy

To be eligible for the SDE++ subsidy, you must meet a number of conditions. For example, this subsidy is intended for installations with a capacity of 15 kilowatt peak or more and the installation must be connected to a large-scale consumption connection. Moreover, it is important that the permits are in order. Without permits, you have no chance of receiving the subsidy. If you meet these requirements, you can apply for the subsidy within the opening rounds on the site of the RVO. Keep in mind that you will need eRecognition and you must apply for this in time. Applying for eRecognition takes about five working days. 

Applying for the SDE ++ subsidy can be tricky. A lot of information is required.

Request a no-obligation calculation online

Are you thinking about starting a solar energy project and want to know what your options are? On our website you can request a quick scan without any obligation. Based on the data you enter, we will make a customized proposal. We use satellite images of the plot and local integration in the energy network. You will then receive a tailored proposal within two weeks. 

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Sustainable investment 4 min. reading time
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