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A floating solar farm combined with a battery

ProjectsSolar farm de Beldert - Buren

Together with the local energy cooperative eCoburen, Novar is constructing a floating solar farm on the northern pond of recreation area de Beldert in Buren.

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30.000Solar panels on the ground
18 MWpPeak annual power
6.000Households provided

About the De Beldert floating solar farm

Novar and eCoburen have joined forces to develop innovative solar project. This involves a water-related solar farm on the northern pond of the De Beldert recreation area. The pond is a former sand mining lake, characterized by steep slopes and depths of up to 25 meters. In the future, Novar and eCoburen aim to bring together renewable energy, nature and (extensive) recreation in one place here. The proposed floating solar farm amounts to 10 hectares and will be combined with a battery on land. In addition, the area around (part of) the pond will be laid out as a nature recreation area. For example, trees and bushes will be planted here. A footpath will also be laid which will lead past numerous ecological facilities, such as a bank swallow wall and insect hotels. Finally, a bird-watching hut with a view of the pond will form the end of the footpath.

Landscaping plan

In addition, Novar and eCoburen worked with various stakeholders such as local residents and the municipality to develop a landscape incorporation plan. There was also close consultation with a landscape architect and an ecologist. The emphasis was on the design of the area around the pond: a good balance was sought between an (extensive) nature recreation area and the living environment of local residents. The final landscaping plan includes several elements with social added value, such as the construction of an (ecological) walking path and a charging facility for e-bikes. This will give the plan area a recreational function for walkers and cyclists. This is focused on tranquility and nature experience and counterbalances the intensive recreational functions of the Beldert's southern lake, giving the area a balanced recreational offering. 

Financial participation

With the goal of ensuring that the local environment benefits from the project's revenues, Novar and eCoburen have applied various forms of financial participation within the initiative. For example, both parties have ensured the establishment of an environment fund into which an annual amount will be deposited during the operating period of the solar farm. The aim is also for citizens and businesses in the local area to become 50% owners of the solar farm through energy cooperative eCoBuren. Finally, Novar, together with the energy cooperative, will ensure that a local residents' scheme will be set up, giving local residents the opportunity to make their homes more sustainable.

Where are we now?

The environmental permit was granted on Sept. 20, 2023. Despite this good news, there will still be some hurdles to overcome until the floating solar farm is realized, such as obtaining subsidies, financing and the final construction of the solar farm.


How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

Novar is counting on about 30,000 solar panels on the water in the design of the floating solar park in recreational area de Beldert in Buren. Together, these panels represent a peak capacity of 18 MW. Furthermore, with the generation of this floating solar park, approximately 6,000 households can be supplied with green electricity every year! The battery that will be placed at the solar park will also make a good contribution to the energy transition.

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

The environmental permit was granted on Sept. 20, 2023. Now the financing process will follow.

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