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The solar roof of company Garden & Green Care Bruisten in Winssen, is part of the organization's sustainability efforts.

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1.871solar panels on the roof
467tons less CO2 emissions per year
223households provided

About this solar roof

The company Tuin & Groenverzorging Bruisten has grown rapidly in recent years and is therefore moving to new premises in Winssen. This newly built project is currently being finalized. Part of the new building is the construction of a solar roof consisting of some 1,900 solar panels. Green entrepreneurship is already in the DNA of this company, so sustainable energy from its own roof only adds to this.

In the plans for the new building, the structural engineer has already taken into account the arrival of solar panels on the roof. For example, the skylights were placed in the ridge of the roof and no further structural modifications were necessary. Novar also took into account the requirements of the property insurer so that they agreed to the installation of the solar panels without an increase in premium. Novar is currently working with grid operator Liander to realize the necessary connection to the electricity grid, seeking a solution to grid congestion in the region. This project contributes to the company's goal of strengthening their position in the field of sustainable business.

How does this solar roof contribute to the energy transition?

On Bruisten's new solar roof in Winssen, 1,871 solar panels will be installed. This will generate 778,804 kWh of green electricity per year. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of 223 households. Furthermore, the construction of this solar roof reduces 467 tons ofCO2 emissions per year.

Our process

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In use

The project is currently in the design phase.

Last edited January 23, 2024

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