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Poultry farming is also becoming more sustainable

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Together with Protium, Novar has realized a solar roof at a poultry farm in Beerta. The project has been operational since March 2021.

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1.550Solar panels on the roof
232.000kg CO² saved
179Households provided

On the roof of a cattle farm located on Hoofdstraat in Beerta, Groningen, Novar has realized a solar roof consisting of over 1,500 solar panels. This can generate over 519 MWp of sustainable energy annually. This solar project was realized together with Protium. By converting roofs and pieces of land, such as fallow land, into solar power plants, Protium contributes to energy goals. Together with the land and roof owners, they provide feasible and realistic business models. Both Novar and Protium strive to make the Netherlands more sustainable and believe in cooperation between parties who pursue this common, sustainable interest.

How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

More than 1,800 panels have been installed on the roof of the poultry farm in Beerta. Together, these solar panels have a capacity of nearly 520 MWh. The realization of this project and the commissioning of the solar roof results in 232 tons less CO² emissions annually! With the generation, approximately 180 households can be provided with green electricity on an annual basis.

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In use

The solar roof has been in operation since March 2021.

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