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How do you connect a solar farm to the power grid?

Knowledge base How do you connect a solar farm to the power grid?

In this will tell you more about connecting a solar farm to the power grid. It also briefly discusses Novar's active role in grid incorporation. Not only does Novar play a role in grid incorporation, but they are also an active member of Holland Solar. Quickly read the entire article for all the information.

How do you connect a solar farm to the power grid?

A solar farm produces an enormous amount of power. We can't just plug it in. A solar park is always connected to the existing energy grid. To this end, we make agreements at an early stage with the grid operator who manages the grid stations in the area. Capacity is the biggest issue here. Is it possible to connect the solar farm to the current (or future) energy grid?

To make the physical connection to the power grid, a cable must be installed. This cable is enormously expensive. If there is no grid station available in the area, chances are that the solar farm cannot be built. The cost of the cable is too high to make the solar farm profitable.

Novar's active role in 'grid integration'

Grid operators in the Netherlands are struggling to keep up with the development of solar energy projects. As a result, the availability of capacity often does not adequately match the number of developments in that region and energy projects cannot be connected.  

Novar also recognizes this phenomenon and has specialized to deal with it. Our grid team not only proactively investigates the possibilities that exist to connect our solar parks to the grid, but also already applies some unique methods that have not been applied in that format before in the Netherlands. For example, we are working on:

  • Combining solar and wind energy. We do this through cable-pooling and through transformers (infra-pooling). This makes optimal use of the great simultaneity of energy production. When it's windy the sun usually doesn't shine, and when the sun shines it usually doesn't blow!
  • Connecting a solar farm with a direct line to the plant
  • Developing a shared power grid with a connection to the 220kV network
  • Developing a new grid station with a connection to the 380kV network

Because these types of projects do not remain theory with us, we have gained unique experience within the Netherlands. In turn, we can apply this acquired knowledge to new developments. This affects not only the technical field, but also the legal and financial field.

Active member of Holland Solar

Novar is an active member of Holland Solar and fulfills roles in several working groups including the Netinfra working group. From this role, we cooperate with Netbeheer Nederland, TenneT and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In this working group we not only discuss the current situation but also look ahead. This not only involves the expansion of the energy network, but we also contribute ideas about new legislation and new technological applications.

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