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What is the largest solar farm in the Netherlands?

Solar farms are getting bigger and bigger. So what exactly is the largest solar farm in the Netherlands? Right now, Dorhout Mees Biddinghuizen is the largest. Here you can read what are the largest solar parks in the Netherlands of the past 5 years. The energy transition is moving fast! That means this list will be updated when a larger solar farm is added. So you always know where you can find the largest solar park in the Netherlands.

Largest solar farm 2017: Sunport Delfzijl

Where is the largest solar farm in the Netherlands? It sometimes seems like a race: because the more panels, the more renewable energy. In early 2017, Sunport Delfzijl was in the lead. The solar park in Delfzijl is as much as 65 hectares and provides about 8,000 households with their electricity. This park was built by the German company Winsol. They ensured in 2017 that Sunport Delfzijl could call itself the largest solar park in the Netherlands. However, they could not keep this title for long, as it soon became clear that solar park Scaldia was coming.

Largest solar farm 2018: Scaldia

In 2018, the Scaldia solar farm in Zeeland was the largest solar farm in the Netherlands. This park supplies more than 14,000 households with renewable electricity every year. That is many more households than at Sunport Delfzijl. However, the area in hectares of the park, is smaller than the solar park in Delfzijl. Solar park Scaldia is about 38 hectares. How is this possible? Technology has not stood still in the meantime either! In this project, Novar supported the project owner - ib vogt - in the financing process and project management of the park.

Biggest solar farm 2019: Middle Groningen Solar Farm

It did not stop there; because in 2019 there was another new largest solar park. This time it was the Midden-Groningen Solar Park, which was built by GOLDBECK SOLAR. Already within 8 months, the solar park in Central Groningen had been realized. This solar park was connected to the grid in 2019 and has since been allowed to call itself the largest solar park in the Netherlands. And yet, we knew even then that this title would not last long....

Largest solar farm 2020: Vlagtwedde solar farm

As of mid-2020, a new largest solar park is in place. This solar park in Vlagtwedde (Groningen) can provide green power to as many as 30,000 households. This is already a lot more than the previously mentioned solar parks. Furthermore, this solar park consists of approximately 350,000 solar panels. The ambition of the municipality of Westerwolde, which includes Vlagtwedde, is to become energy-neutral by 2035. This solar park is a step in the right direction for this.

Largest solar farm 2021: Vloeivelden Hollandia

Back in March 2020, Avitec and Novar began construction on the largest solar farm of 2021. This is solar park Vloeivelden Hollandia in Nieuw-Buinen (Drenthe). The solar park in Nieuw-Buinen has as many as 300,000 panels and provides about 35,000 households with their electricity. Meanwhile, that's already four times as much as the largest solar park of 2017, which supplies 8,000 households with their power. The beauty of this park is its dual function: the panels lie on top of large water basins of the nearby Avebe factory.

Biggest solar farm 2022: Dorhout Mees Biddinghuizen

Novar wants to continue working on the energy transition to make the Netherlands more sustainable. This includes building a new, largest solar park. This solar park will be located in Biddinghuizen and is called Dorhout Mees - Biddinghuizen. It is bordered on the north by open agricultural land, on the west and east by a forest complex and on the south side is a golf course and nature reserve. You really have to know where the solar park is to find it.

With a generation of 134.5 MWp, the solar park will be the largest solar park in the Netherlands. Thus, the park contributes to the objectives set within the municipality of Dronten to become more sustainable. The municipality was already striving to be energy-neutral by 2020 and is thus ahead of many other Dutch municipalities. Currently, the solar park in Biddinghuizen is still under construction, but soon Novar's new solar park may call itself the largest solar park of 2022.

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