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Solar roof for farmers

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Currently, many roofs of stables and agricultural businesses are still unused. A shame, because these roofs are very suitable for installing a solar roof. Make use of the unused space by investing in a solar roof. This will generate sustainable energy, save costs and contribute to a sustainable world! We take you through some relevant points on investing in a solar roof.

Why a solar roof for farmers?

As an agricultural company you use a lot of energy, for example for equipment, lights in the barns, milking machines and so on. Using regular energy is not only expensive, it is also harmful to the environment. By switching to a solar roof, and thus to green energy, you contribute to a positive change in the climate: you do what you can to create a sustainable climate. Climate change is creating increasingly extreme weather conditions. Long periods of drought and heavy rainfall affect soil conditions and disease pressure in the soil. An important reason to take a step towards sustainable and responsible farming.

Using roofs of stables or greenhouses, for example, to install solar panels is a smart choice. This way, you do not have to surrender available land and you utilize space that would otherwise remain unused. This is not only beneficial for the sustainability of your business, but also for your wallet, because you do not have to incur the cost of buying a new piece of land or exempting land for solar panels.

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"Being self-sufficient is important to me. Also in my energy needs"
Jarno Schroten | Dairy farmer, Dalfsen
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Energy for the environment

Solar roofs on greenhouses or stables generate a lot of energy. In most cases, this is more than your own consumption. It is possible to help supply your environment with solar energy. Not everyone has the opportunity to purchase solar panels, but would like to switch to a clean form of energy. As a farmer, you can help make this possible.

Energy saving measures popular among farmers

Nowadays, farmers are increasingly becoming more sustainable. Here, the obligation to register energy-saving measures (2017) has been an important factor. Over 45% of farmers generate their own energy, compared to only 10% in 2010. So we are increasingly seeing farmers investing in renewable energy.

What are the yields of a solar roof?

Solar roofs are very profitable for farmers, especially on a large scale: on average, a farmer saves €820 per year. Moreover, the solar roof can be set up and used in various ways. This also affects the level of yields. Want to know how much it will yield for you? Feel free to contact us and we will go through it together.

Renting out your roof

One of the options for realizing a solar roof is to rent your roof to Novar (provided your roof is larger than 3,000 m2). This way, you don't have any hassle with financing, installing and managing the solar roof. We arrange everything and are available to you 24/7. Moreover, you will receive an annual fee for the solar roof on your property!

Laws and regulations surrounding sustainability

To accommodate farmers as well and make the process of sustainability more accessible, the SDE++ subsidy (Stimuleringsregeling Duurzame Energieproductie) was created. The government has made this subsidy available to make it more attractive to accelerate the step to sustainability. A test will determine whether you are entitled to this subsidy. Applying for the SDE++ subsidy is not easy. An enormous amount of information is required. Novar will be happy to help you with this. Would you like to know more about the SDE subsidy? Take a look at our page on SDE++ subsidy.

Over 25% of the parties entitled to this subsidy do not yet use it. So there is certainly a chance that you too can claim it!

(Fire) safety of an agricultural solar roof

There are many questions surrounding solar roofs. Among other things, these have to do with fire safety, and therefore the safety of the animals in the barn, under the solar panels. We are happy to explain to you how we ensure that you can benefit from a solar roof as safely as possible.

Free roof check

Before we start building a solar roof, a roof check is first performed by our professionals. Should the roof not meet the set requirements, the roof construction will be thoroughly examined by our experts to see what is possible. Before that, we may not and cannot start the construction of the solar roof.

Annual inspection and maintenance

Our roof experts perform a full roof inspection annually. During this, the solar panels and other components are thoroughly checked and replaced where necessary.

Detection Appliance

The solar roof will be equipped with all kinds of measuring devices, making it possible to notice potential problems early on. Think of fire detectors, arc detection but also an app where you can keep track of the progress of your measurements. This allows us to monitor the performance of the solar roof 24/7. And do we see something abnormal? Then we'll come by to check it out.

Maintenance and prevention are the key to a safe solar roof. Novar is happy to support this and ensure that you, as a farmer, make a safe transition to renewable energy! Go for sustainable energy where you can contribute to a sustainable world. Novar is happy to help you achieve this! Contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities.

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