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Working together to develop Solar Park Boxtel-Beerze

The municipality of Boxtel has the ambition to be an energy neutral municipality in 2030. One of the steps taken by the municipality of Boxtel is to issue a tender for the realization of solar parks. Several initiatives applied and were assessed by a broad independent committee.

Novar's initiative is one of the plans that were selected and allowed to develop further towards a permit application. The proposed solar park is located south of the Scheepdonkseweg, between the Beerze and the Loxvenseweg, near industrial area Ladonk.

Energiecoöperatie Boxtel and Energiecoöperatie Dommelstroom are working with Novar to further develop Zonnepark Boxtel-Beerze.

Our process - Where are we now and what has been done?

We are still in the design phase of the project, no permit has been applied for yet.
In the summer of 2023, work began to inform and involve the surrounding area. Kitchen table discussions were held, a public residents' meeting was organized and discussions were held with various local parties.

Report resident meeting.

View the June 26, 2023 resident meeting minutes here.

The environmental dialogue was halted for a while because the municipality wanted clarification on a room letter sent by Minister Hugo de Jong about the conditions solar parks must meet. The municipality has received that clarification and has now indicated that the four selected projects in the municipality of Boxtel may proceed with their environmental dialogue.

Residents' evening for first circle of local residents

As a follow-up step, we would like to engage with residents who live closest to the plan area and/or have views from their homes. We believe that on some issues their interests outweigh those of residents from the rest of the area. For example, when it comes to the view of the solar farm. We believe it is important that they are given the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas about the integration of the solar farm into the landscape and about the appearance of the edges, for example. The relevant households have received an invitation to do so.

Via the buttons below you can find information to read in advance. During the residents' evening we can explain this in more detail and residents can discuss this further with us and with each other.

We would like to receive from local residents their opinions on the design of the solar farm and its landscaping.

Before the plan was submitted for the municipal tender, a quick scan of Flora & Fauna was conducted in 2020. This was updated in October 2023. A quickscan Flora & Fauna is an assessment of nature legislation and nature policy. You can read the report here.

The climate agreement includes a participation chart that explains the ways for local residents of energy projects to benefit financially from the project. In this project, too, the surrounding area can participate financially. Together with the neighborhood we want to find out which way - or combination of ways - is desirable. There are energy cooperatives in the area that have indicated that they would like to help shape this. With their help, our own local residents' cooperative could also be established.

Can residents still have input on the plan?

Residents and other interested parties are actively invited to give their opinions on the design and landscaping, and to share their ideas and wishes with us. We are trying to use all the input to improve the plan for the solar park, so that the solar park fits in well with the surroundings and there is also enough room to strengthen biodiversity in the area. In addition, residents can contribute ideas on how they want to participate financially.

Can residents also participate financially?

Novar cooperates with residents' cooperatives from Boxtel and Sint-Michielsgestel: Energiecoöperatie Boxtel and Energiecoöperatie Dommelstroom will work together to organize financial participation for residents in the area. This will soon make it possible for residents to co-invest in the solar park.

20.000Solar panels on the ground
13 MWpPeak annual power
4.230Households provided

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

We are still in the design phase of the project. With input from the surrounding area, we will continue to shape the plan. In the summer of 2024, Novar expects to submit the permit application.

How does a permit application work?

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