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Business solar panel leasing

As an entrepreneur, it is becoming increasingly important to do business sustainably and in this way contribute to the future. At the same time, you also want to have certainty about your energy costs. By leasing solar panels on a business basis, your energy bill falls immediately, without investment costs.

Benefits business solar panel leasing 

Solar panel business leasing can be very interesting for businesses and organizations. For the business market, leasing cars, white goods and other equipment is often a good option. But it doesn't stop there. Novar makes it possible to lease solar panels as well. We would be happy to tell you more about the advantages, possibilities and financing of business leasing solar panels. 

Business leasing solar panels often generates immediate cash. For example, business leasing solar panels helps cover the cost of your energy bill. In fact, in most cases, the energy costs you save are higher than the lease amount.

No unexpected costs 

When leasing solar panels on a business basis from Novar, you don't have to worry about unexpected costs. This is because Novar remains the owner of the panels. This saves you money on maintenance costs and other unforeseen expenses. Do you have problems with the solar panels, or need periodic maintenance? Whatever the situation may be; Novar will get it fixed, without you having to pay for it. With the business lease of solar panels, you have no unforeseen costs and you can immediately enjoy the output of your panels.

Business leasing of solar panels 

Arranging financing for business solar panels can sometimes be a challenge. Want to buy solar panels? Then you generally need to have a lot of money on hand for this investment. Not all businesses have this money readily available. Therefore, many businesses look for alternatives, such as renting out a company roof to Novar, or leasing solar panels on a business basis. These alternatives offer an accessible way to take advantage of solar energy, even if you don't have the necessary capital readily available

What does business solar panel leasing get me? 

The yield of a solar roof, depends on the choices you make. Will you rent out a roof for solar panels, go for leasing or choose a combination of the two? Whatever choice you make, we will always be right by your side. We offer these options for a solar roof of at least 3,000 m2.

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Business leasing solar panels can be very advantageous. For example, you have no investment costs and you know exactly how much money you will spend each month. Furthermore, your energy bill will drop immediately, saving you money. You are also contributing to a cleaner climate from day one, without first having to make a large investment. This makes corporate social responsibility even easier. Want to know more? Request a free consultation or contact us quickly to find out what your options are.

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