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Sustainable image increasingly important

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Sustainability makes people feel positive and engaged. Are you sustainable? Then you care about nature and your contribution to it. A sustainable image is valuable, but not easy to achieve and maintain.

As an industrial property owner a solar roof

With a solar roof, you as an industrial property owner make it possible for people to benefit from solar energy. A solar roof is the key here; using unused space brings many new opportunities and returns. You are doing business in an environmentally conscious and responsible way.

Building sustainable image

Sustainability is unimaginable in any industry. If you are not working on it yourself, customers, business partners or the media may knock on your door asking for an explanation. Sustainability is a term that comes up more and more often and that every person is confronted with sooner or later. So too as an owner of industrial properties. 

One of the steps in building a sustainable image is making sure your premises are energy efficient. With a solar roof you are already well on your way: the panels provide enough energy for the entire building and sometimes even for households in the area (depending on the size of the solar roof). This way, you not only bring clean energy inside the building, but also outside!

Consumers make themselves heard

A group of critical consumers is raising a clear voice regarding fossil-free energy. Central to this is that people, society and the environment must be treated well by companies, according to research by the MIM (Social Image Monitor). In 2009, 74% of those surveyed agreed, in 2018 this already rose to 81%.

Commitment to the three core issues mentioned, people, society and the environment, are seen as the most important factor according to consumers (Source: Sustainable News). How wonderful to be at the forefront of this, not to be forced but to switch to sustainability out of your own conviction? With a solar roof you can.

Visibly durable

With a solar roof, you show that you have invested in the sustainability of your premises and thus in sustainability in general. This visibility contributes to others' perception of you.

Sustainable initiatives are usually very well received by businesses and consumers. Thus, the solar roof and sustainability can become a new part of your corporate identity. You strengthen your company's sustainable image.

Why invest in a solar roof? 

You see sustainable business more and more. More and more entrepreneurs are factoring sustainability into their decision to work with certain parties. A sustainable building with solar panels on the roof shows that you are doing something sustainable. This sends a clear message that your company stands for a better, but also more efficient way of dealing with energy.

Early investment

It is advisable to get started early on making your property(s) more sustainable and switch to a solar roof now. Both from a sustainability point of view and for financial reasons. Sooner or later there will also be a mandatory sustainable energy label for industrial buildings. To stay ahead of this hectic and rapid change, it is profitable to invest early in making your premises sustainable.

SDE++ subsidy often unused

The SDE++ subsidy (Sustainable Energy Production Incentive Scheme) is a subsidy that may be used by industrial property owners. This subsidy is an encouragement from the government to invest in generating sustainable energy. Based on an assessment, it is calculated whether you are entitled to this subsidy. Over 25% of the parties who are entitled to use this subsidy do not yet do so: a great shame because it helps a lot.

Novar Novar
"25% of the parties allowed to use subsidies do not. What about you?"
Novar Novar

Effects of sustainability

By investing in a solar roof, you become part of a large-scale sustainability project. More than 90% of the business roofs with the potential to have a solar roof installed have not yet done so. If half of these are equipped with a solar roof, this would generate so much energy that all Dutch households could be supplied with sustainable electricity (Source: Over Morgen)

Are you a pioneer in sustainability?

If you have multiple properties, then sustainability soon comes into play. With multiple properties, you have a relatively large impact on the industry around you. So you can motivate fellow property owners to invest in a solar roof. Get ahead in sustainability and contribute to the change!

Is a sunroof safe?

Fire safety is an important issue for industrial properties for good reason. The question of fire safety is often asked when it comes to rooftop solar panels. 

The risk of fire is very small when properly maintained by licensed solar panel installers. A thorough maintenance service at least once a year ensures the safest possible solar roof. This involves, for example, replacing old parts, cleaning parts that have become dirty and taking various measurements to ensure that the solar roof as a whole is still functioning properly and is safe. So proper maintenance is the key.

The step to sustainability

Switching to renewable energy is big and drastic, but with the right goals and motivations, it's an important step in sustainable business. Moreover, you don't have to do it alone: Novar helps you from the orientation and makes sure you are relieved of as much as possible. This leaves your hands free and you can still work on sustainability. In this way, the step is much less big than it seems.

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