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Profit for your property with these energy solutions

The past few years have proven: nothing is as volatile as the energy market. There are many factors that influence high (or low) energy prices. As a real estate entrepreneur, you would prefer to avoid highly volatile energy prices. After all, you want to offer your tenants long-term security while helping them to go green. We understand this like no other. That is why Novar has developed smart, integrated energy solutions that ensure lower and more stable energy costs. And that certainty is nice: for you as owner and for your tenants.

Greater security with integrated energy solutions from Novar

Generate your own energy for your property tenants. And therefore less dependent on external energy suppliers. That gives more stable energy costs and therefore more control over your bill. In addition, you realize more value for your property. As a result, tenants stay longer and you build a lasting relationship with your tenant. 

Become completely independent of energy suppliers as a real estate entrepreneur? Is that possible? And if so, how? Novar has been developing sustainable energy solutions for the business market for years and arranges this from A to Zero. From generation and storage to distribution and management.

While many consumers already have solar panels or a solar water heater, smart electric solutions often lag behind for real estate entrepreneurs. That's a shame for both the business and the environment. Ensure yourself of a reliable and stable energy supply. Getting a grip on energy costs also gives you a grip on the costs you can, may or should pass on to tenants.

Energy Savings Obligation

In addition to greater certainty, the energy savings obligation is also important. If you consume a lot of energy, you, as a real estate entrepreneur, must comply with this obligation. The Recognized Energy Conservation Measures (EML) lists have been created for this purpose. Installing solar panels - with a payback period of 5 years or less - is a nice concrete solution to meet the energy savings obligation.
Because SDE subsidies are getting lower and lower, it is important to act quickly. Moreover: the sooner you reduce your CO2 emissions, the sooner you get a grip on your costs. And to limit your investment, it pays to act fast. Because the SDE subsidy is getting lower every year. Besides: the climate isn't waiting either.

5 concrete ideas for more grip

In our download you will find 5 concrete ideas to get a better grip on energy costs. By making different smart energy solutions work together, you reduce your CO2 emissions. In this way, valuable energy is not wasted, but is cleverly stored or processed.

Here we give you an example of a concrete solution. For example, a solar roof has a higher efficiency during sunny days. This can mean that the roof generates more electricity than is needed at that time. With a battery, you can store that electricity for use at a later time. For example, when there is little or even no sun. Thus, with a battery you realize a more "own" stable energy network and are no longer dependent on the unpredictable energy market. 

In addition to combining a solar roof with a battery, there are many other smart integrated energy solutions. We'll tell you more about these in the white paper below. Get a grip on your energy costs and get inspired now to realize more profit for your company and the environment.

Let different solutions work integrally with each other

How do you make sure your energy solutions work together to their ultimate potential? Pretty tricky! Fortunately, we at Novar have the right knowledge to support you in this. You define your goals, Novar fixes it.

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