Selling land

Novar realizes solar projects on different types of land starting from 10 acres. Think of agricultural land, grassland, pasture or any other piece of land. Are you selling your land? Then you will immediately receive the full sales value.

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Novar is the market leader in large-scale solar farms

We feel the urgency to take steps towards a sustainable world now. Do you feel the same? Then consider selling your land to Novar for the realization of a solar park.  

Building the energy transition together

Selling land for a solar farm

Together we still have many steps to take to become more sustainable. Do you have land you are not doing anything with? Sell your land and we will build a solar park on it. That way you contribute directly to making the world more sustainable.  

What kind of soil you have doesn't matter. We have a solution for all types of soils. The only condition is that the piece of land is at least 10 acres. With a 10-acre piece of land, about 30,000 solar panels generate renewable energy. And that's quite a lot.  


This is how we proceed 

We start the process with a no-obligation survey to see if your land is suitable for a solar park. It is important that we can connect the park to the power grid. We also pay attention to local government requirements for construction. The sustainability policy of your municipality plays a major role in this.  

A sustainable solution

Your land in use

Looking for a way to use your land sustainably? Novar builds turn-key solar parks starting at 10 acres. We are happy to think with you about the possibilities for your land. Contribute to the energy transition. Contact us and make an appointment. Together we can make the Netherlands sustainable. 

Creating a solar farm

Novar is the market leader in realizing solar parks on land. If you choose to sell your land, we will arrange everything and you will immediately enjoy the benefits. Namely, you immediately receive the full sales value of your land. And do you decide, during the development period, that you still want to lease your land? That is of course negotiable.  

Land double deployment  

When realizing a solar park on land, we look closely at how we can make multifunctional use of the park. For example, we previously realized a solar park on a former landfill and built a solar park in combination with water storage.  

We believe it is important that valuable land is used in the best possible way. Therefore, we take into account the incorporation of the solar park into the environment. By incorporating the solar park ecologically, we contribute to the biodiversity of a solar park.  

Want to tackle this challenge together?

Do you want to work with us, do you have questions or do you want to pass on a change? Then contact us – we’re happy to help.

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