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Buy business solar panels

Want to stay in control and enjoy maximum returns? Then buying solar panels on a business basis is a good option. You have complete control over which aspects you want to carry out yourself and which you want to outsource. Consider, for example, the application for the SDE or the maintenance of the solar panels. Together with our partners we are ready to support you with one or more services, so that together we can make the Netherlands more sustainable! Take control and work with us on a sustainable future!

Buy solar panels for business

As a company, do you want solar panels for your company roof? Then you've come to the right place. Novar is happy to help you buy solar panels for your business and assist you with the financing, insurance and installation of your solar panels. There are various options here, but this page tells you everything you need to know about buying solar panels for your business.

Financing solar panels business

Are you interested in business solar panels? Then this is the right time to take action. There are still several subsidies and deductions you can claim when purchasing solar panels on a business basis. For example, you can apply for the SDE. This is the Sustainable Energy Stimulation Scheme. This subsidy is for companies that invest in wind and solar energy. It is valuable to invest now, as the subsidy terms may change or even disappear in the future.

Do you decide to invest in solar panels on a business basis? Then you don't have to enter the world of subsidies yourself. At Novar, we can take care of the SDE subsidy application for your roof. We have actually realized all the SDE obtained. The application for the subsidy goes in rounds, which is why it may take a while before you are entitled to the subsidy.

Fortunately, there are a host of other subsidies and deductions that make business financing solar panels attractive. Here, too, we can help you. We would be happy to tell you more in a no-obligation consultation.

What does buying solar panels for business get me?

The yield of a solar roof, depends on the choices you make. Are you going to rent out a roof for solar panels or start your own solar project? Whatever choice you make: we will always stand beside you. That way we benefit from the sun together! We offer these options for a company roof of at least 3,000 m2.

Depreciation solar panels business

Many people wonder how to calculate the annual depreciation of solar panels. Here it is good to mention that the depreciation period of solar panels is set at 20 years (Source: SRA). This means that it may take you 20 years to pay back the solar panels. Of course, the actual depreciation cost depends on the purchase value and the method of financing.

Do you choose to lease solar panels on a business basis, or rent your business roof to Novar? Then you won't have to deal with depreciation costs. After all, you won't have to take out a loan.

Custom solutions from Novar

When you buy solar panels yourself, on balance the depreciation will be the highest. But at the same time, you are then also the owner of the solar panels and can be sure that you will achieve an excellent return. At Novar, we offer several custom solutions for solar panels on commercial roofs. What is the best solution for your roof? We examine it with no obligation, together with you. We look at the specifics of your situation to find the most suitable solution that fits your needs and wishes.

Request an interview today

Do you still want to buy and own solar panels yourself? Consult your insurance company first and discuss the requirements that your solar roof must meet. Novar will of course take the building insurance company's requirements into account. Do you rent out your company roof to Novar or choose to lease it? Then you do not need to worry about insurance and we will take care of it for you. There is a suitable solution for every situation. So be on time and find out what the return on investment of business solar panels can be for you. Contact us soon to find out what your options are!

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